Greg Baker -

Yay for Sunday entertaining, excellent work @lisa_baker_hunter !

No filter needed today in London! #iphonexs #nofilter #halideapp

An ominously quiet Waterloo station!

Stunning weather for a walk in Alice Holt Forest with @lisa_baker_hunter, @smdaulton1, @tommy_2809 and kiddies! 👍🏻🍁

Memories of a sunny Friday on a foggy Sunday morning! #halideapp

A blustery autumnal day in the City

It’s here! I’m here! 🤓 @legal.geek

Mmm a mouse pointer you say? I must catch it. #milobaker

Found some more photos from our Spain trip on a memory card 🤦🏻‍♂️

Apple Watch Series 4 delivery just jumped from an ETA of 29th October to a delivery date of Monday - excellent news!

The Bank of England

Broadgate Circle

I deactivated my Facebook account a few months ago, but am now going to go ahead and delete it. They show no signs of being responsible with my data. Facebook Is Breached, Putting 50 Million Users’ Data at Risk

What a sky (and what a camera!)! #autumn🍁 #nofilter

Made a few updates to my Life Stack page to reflect a new iPhone (Xs 256Gb), Apple Watch Series 4 on order and a few other tweaks.

Morning London!

And a pretty sunset to round out the day!

Lovely autumnal sunshine on the walk to the office this morning

Just saw that The West Wing premiered 19 years ago today - still my favourite show ever.

Playing with the adjustable (after the shot! 😲) depth of field on the iPhone Xs 👍🏻 Model: #milobaker Styling: Himself

Everything one needs to hand! #cleanerhasbeen #makessense #kitchenessentials

iPhone Upgrade Program was smooth as always this morning despite the Apple Store absolutely heaving with people. Arrived 30min early for 12:00 appt but in and out in 30 minutes despite it being a Genius engineer seeing me for whom it was his first upgrade process so had to check lots of stuff. Apple Store Regent Street (London) wifi really struggled, but hit pause and finished the process at the office. Bellroy 1-card case doesn’t fit given the slightly larger camera bump - annoying as suspect by Bellroy 3-card case I use at the weekends will have the same issue.

PSA. This is pretty useful! Siri Shortcuts + Zapier: How to Create Siri Shortcuts Beyond Your iPhone

Trance inducing GIF of the day: How Cookie Cutters Are Made

Storms in the air this evening…nice to have some cool air however!